Irregular Bluestone (Flagstone)

for Walkways and Patios


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'Irregular bluestone' is broken in irregular chunks und looks informal and rustic when installed.


 Any thin, broken stone that comes in large sheets is called 'flagstone', and bluestone is just one of them. Other examples on the next page.



The before image shows an entrance that lacks definition, is unpractical to maintain (snow shoveling!) and stiff in its layout.


Curving the new walkway and using irregular bluestone resulted in a more flowing and natural appearance. Rock boulders help this effect. The rustic steps in turn help to connect to the existing stairs.

Large stones are particularly beautiful and also more stable that small flagstones.






  This patio needed to provide a small space for sitting as well as a connection between the two back doors. The layout was limited by state building restrictions near a waterfront.


Two bluestone platforms have carefully been fitted to the front of the doors to create dry landings and to adopt the grade to the door sill. This job also required installation of a 4" drain pipe in order to safely lead away excess water.

If a walkway is built with a single row of flagstone it is usually called a stepping stone path. They are most comfortable if the stones are large and the joints are kept narrow.   Bluestone walkways look good at the base of a wall. Because of its flexibility to lay it out in any shape, it is suitable for informal situations where walkways curve around ledge or trees.

The bluestone patio on the left provides a space to sit next to the pond under the shade of Japanese Maples. More photos about this project under the page 'A Pond with Stonework and Garden'.




Painting with


Artistic Masonry Directions  


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