Rectangular Cut Bluestone

for Walkways and Patios


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Bluestone is usually available in two forms in the stone trade:


'random cut bluestone' is cut in rectangles and squares of different sizes sorted in 6" increments. It has a rustic look, but maintains a degree of formality.


Installation requires a layout plan and purchase of the different sizes of stones according to the plan. Using a layout plan also helps to avoid cross joints.






'Irregular bluestone' is broken in irregular chunks und looks very informal and rustic when installed. I use this materials in paths and patios, but rarely in front walkways.


Installation requires fitting chunks together like a jigsaw puzzle and cutting edges in order to achieve the best fit with narrow joints.


More about 'irregular bluestone' on the next page.


This formal layout of 'random cut bluestone' is appropriate for this town house (image on the right)  with formal architectural features. Some rock boulders break the formality at the slope where the walkway starts.

This walkway (images 1, 3 and 4) installed in cooperation with Sahin Stonework






Angular cut bluestone can also be installed in curved surfaces, but it requires cutting wedge-shapes out of the rectangular pieces. The result however is very elegant.


Images 5 to 7 are scans from slides. Sorry for the low quality.

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