Walkways and Patios made with Rustic Granite


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The location on the left was supposed to be terraced and provide access from the house to the lower lawn area.


The big rocks have been removed, the land terraced, a retaining wall has been built and the lower set of steps has been started.
3   The steps have been finished, a heavy edging is installed to retain the soil and edge it towards the lower lawn area. The slope under the terrace has been planted to beautify the location and to stabilize the soil.
4   The upper stairway connects the terrace to the house. The terrace itself is made of granite chunks in various sizes, installed as a flagstone.
5   The same terrace as seen from the house. The angle of the photo makes it hard to see the stairs, which are angled to the direction from where the traffic flows from the house.



To finish it off, the customer purchased one of my sculpted stone fish and we installed it on the edge of the terrace, in the view of the Piscataqua river.

This entrance area was built with granite slabs. It is difficult to find granite in form of thin, flat chunks.

The photos show the combined use of granite flagstone and boulders to achieve a very rustic, natural look. This will be softened by the surrounding plantings which unfortunately I don't have photos of.

8   9

Most granite pieces are much thicker than regular flagstone and therefore heavier and harder to set. Because of the thickness it is also more difficult to fit the different pieces together with tight joints.




Painting with


Artistic Masonry Directions  


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