More Patios


after changes to a building, the new back door had to be connected with the existing pavement on the left.

We decided to create a circular patio built from natural stone, and connect it with the existing concrete pavers in a way that the two materials form one unit. We also added some exciting rock boulders and a small foundation planting consisting of medium-sized grasses (Panicum virgatum 'Shenandoah') and various groundcovers.

  A pool patio is being installed around a free-form swimming pool. More photos of this project will be added at a later time. (in cooperation with Sahin Stonework).
The two photos on the right show one of my older jobs where a new house addition required extensive re-grading and terracing. A brick walkway widens into a patio surrounded by terraced garden beds.

Design by Green Art, installation of the brick patio and walkways by Blue Ledge Stonework, walls by Green Art.

A large bluestone patio with a fireplace is accessible from the house via raised granite slabs that cross through an area with poor water drainage. The surface water will run off through the gaps between the widely spaced stepping stones.

The wet area is planted with groundcovers so that no lawn has to be mowed in this location.

    These old images are from a pool patio including coping for which rectangular cut bluestone has been used.



Painting with


Artistic Masonry Directions  


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