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  The walls in these photos have several functions: They retain the soil which has a higher grade than the patio, and could not be changed du to the trees and already installed sign. The walls are also edging the pea stone patio, and in some locations lead into lines of granite edging. Finally, they can be used for sitting.

Designed by Green Art, installation by Green Art and Sahin Stonework

A retaining wall cleans up a slope and defines the lines of a driveway (designed and build by Green Art).

A wall can help to define lines in the landscaping and sometimes help to ground a house in its surroundings. One tree which was already diseased had also been removed in order to clear the view to the house.


To clean up the lines and retain the slope along this driveway, we installed a fieldstone retaining wall, using the same material as already in place in other walls on the property (installed by Green Art and Sahin Stonework).


This granite wall was build in a way that it could receive the wooden post for a fence which would cut through the formal coping. The stone post and front edging were also part of the job ( installed by Green Art)





Painting with


Artistic Masonry Directions  


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