Installation of a pond on the edge of a woodland

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This pond was designed in a way that the existing ledge could be integrated into the scene.

A difficulty of this job was to achieve a satisfying result within the given budget, while at the same time the excavation required extensive hand work due to the outcropping of ledge, and furthermore, to achieve the required water depth it was necessary to raise the pond height by constructing a retaining wall on the lower side of the pond (see following images).

  The before-photo shows the location with the ledge on the left. We needed to do some test digging to find out if we would be able to get a depth of  at least 3-ft. for the pond.
  After exposing the ledge and taking some careful measurements we defined the water level and installed a retaining wall in the front. This was necessary to adopt the water level to the defined ideal height at the ledge.

The water level had to be at a certain point at the foot of the ledge where it was possible to end the liner and hide it from view.

  The liner is placed, covering ledge inside the pond as well as outside. It will have to be trimmed after water is filled and the level can be fine-tuned.
  The finished pond has a water level raised above the surrounding garden area.

The wall backfill has to be sloping down in an angle of 45 degrees or less in order to minimize frost pressure in the winter.

  The waterfall was build against the existing moss-covered ledge. Hiding the liner is not an easy task in this situation.

Plantings will be installed in the spring to further naturalize the appearance of the waterfall, and to soften the rocks.

View from the top of the slope.

Plantings are not completed in these pictures.




Painting with


Artistic Masonry Directions  


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