Patio with Outdoor Fireplace


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All work on this page designed by Green Art.

Installation in equal parts by Green Art and Sahin Stonework



This patio is surrounded by mortared walls and contains a large outdoor fireplace and a hot-tub.  

Surface material is 'random cut bluestone'.

  To insure that this heavy and 14 ft. tall construction would be stable we poured a 4-ft-deep foundation (see edge near ground level) reinforced it with rebar, and connected to the slab-foundation of the mortared walls.

The lower part and inner walls of the fireplace are built with solid concrete blocks. The inner core, lined with water-struck brick, is build separately from the outer shell to avoid cracking due to expansion during use of the fireplace.


Throad and smoke chamber are installed.

  The expansion joint between core and shell is carried through to the top of the fireplace, including the end of the clay flue.

A massive slab has been installed in the front and the support for the stone arc of the opening is set in place.

  Serdar, my business partner, is starting the veneer work that covers the concrete block shell.
  After finishing the arc and front veneer, I continue with the shell around the flue.
  The finished fireplace is truly a masterpiece.

We will install a cap later.



Painting with


Artistic Masonry Directions  


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