Construction of a narrow patio

This residence had a sloping lawn come down to the back door with drainage problems and apparently no space for a patio. Here is a photo-documentation of our work.

Looking from the back door, the slope dominated the few. We are digging in with a small backhoe to find out where there is ledge, which defines how far we can go with a patio. The picture on the right shows even better how little space there is. It also makes clear why there is a drainage problem.



Several steps further: we excavated, exposed the ledge and even removed some ledge where it would have been hindering the installation of the patio brick. we then installed a retaining wall along the line of the ledge. The patio area is excavated, but some ledge (see red markings) is still too high and will have to be cut out.


Separate drainpipes for the gutters and surface drainage and for drainage under the brick patio are installed. After that crushed stone can be filled to create the base of the patio.

Here one of the chunks of ledge is cut in a way that the brick can be installed against it.


The sand layer has been installed and the area is screeded to the correct height. Now the brick can be laid.

Along the curving wall and ledge, every brick has to be cut to size. This photo makes clear why there had to be a notch cut into the ledge (see photo above).


The brick has been installed. Now the garden path has to be finished and then the soil can be amended to prepare for planting.

Wall, patio, ledge and garden path are all finished and the planting has been started. It consists of dwarf conifers and dwarf flowering shrubs, as well as some low growing perennials. In the background are stakes that define locations for further plants: A white birch for some light shade will be added, as well as a number of flowering shrubs in the background.





Painting with


Artistic Masonry Directions  


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