Transformation - a back yard to enjoy


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The customers who had purchased the house wanted something nicer than this!

The back yard basically lacks any features whatsoever. There are some trees, but otherwise it is an empty palette. A great opportunity for something beautiful.

This is the view from the wooden deck to the plain fence. I took this photo just before we dug in with the excavator, and the outline of the patio is visible on the ground (not the same layout as in the drawing).


There is no connection between house and surroundings.


The only feature of the back yard is a lonely tree.






Breaking the square-ness is one of the first things I want to do with this blocky and stiff-looking yard.

And most of the time it is a good idea to integrate existing trees into the flow of the design - so I wrap the garden right around that tree in the middle of the yard.



The patio was a little modified, with rectangular bluestone instead of irregular one. A few rock boulders help to loosen up the shape and add an organic element to the design.




It always takes a while for the grass to grow in, but then at the latest do the owners like their new patio.



With the patio, rocks and plantings the house is now connected to the outside.



And the tree that once stood lonely in the middle of the yard now has company and proudly looks over his landscape.

 The plants are dominantly native species and many are selected to provide pollen and nectar to butterflies and bumblebees.

Sorry I don't have a photo of the established plantings.


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