Challenging Stairs


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  15 stairs in one shot, as originally planned, is just too much, not only to keep it safe but also for the appearance. This is not a chateau. A somewhat less pretentious set of stairs will fit much better to this beautiful home on the ocean.

We defined the following goals:

1. integrate a landing into the set of stairs to interrupt the 'flight' and make steps safer

2. meet zoning requirements by not increasing the built surface

3. integrate new construction into the site harmoniously



With some careful tweaking, the new design manages to come out just under the permitted planned built surface.

After the new layout is approved by the town parts of the existing foundation for the originally planned stairs can be cut off.



The new steps are installed, and new walls terrace the land. Veneer on remaining concrete foundation walls is blended into the new stone walls to tie everything together.





Stonework done, soil is backfilled and enriched with compost, and the crushed stone driveway is ready to be graded.



Planting work is done by the owner, who is an engaged gardener.

Both Green Art, Inc and Sahin Stonework were involved in the construction work of this project.


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