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Not only does the front appear chopped due to the vertical plant right in the middle of the building, but having two entrances also makes it look like a duplex.

The second entrance is also far from the driveway and will need to be connected in a pleasing way.




The new walkway is designed with a slight curve instead of a straight line, and connects both entrances with an organic flow. The retaining wall will help to anchor the house in it's surroundings.

The plan on the left is a hardscape plan only - the planting design was done in a separate step.




Mathew is getting ready for the bluestone work. These are heavy pieces to move around!


In order to meet the heights of the driveway edge, and the first and second entrance, there have to be two different grades in this walkway, with the second half slightly steeper than the first. The stone is installed an a double layered base with all permeable materials allowing for fast drainage and long durability of the bluestone.





The edge of the walkway is left natural.

After the walkway is installed the soil grade is adjusted where necessary, and the lawn re-seeded.



Serdar from Sahin Stonework built the beautiful wall.

And the plants are starting to root in. The shrubs will take 2 to 3 years to shape up and gain the volume needed to look right in this design.



View of walkway connecting to both doors



The perennials are still small and only just starting to fill in. Here, low mounds are contrasted with upright grasses. Since it is also meant as an herb garden, creeping thyme and the native bearberry are used as the low element, and the beautiful grass with bluish tinged foliage (visible once established) is the native Little Bluestem. Lavender and sages add flower power and a few evergreens are there for winter appeal.

Once established, the garden will be drought resistant, with no need for watering, and require little maintenance other than weeding.


I will try to think of taking a picture of the established garden and add it asap.




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