A patio structures a back yard


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This back yard of a newly constructed home has virtually no personality (if you can use that term for a landscaping). And the stairs from the deck don't connect to anything.

It is hard to see that this can become a very cozy place.



So we are looking for a patio, a fire pit, a connection to the stairs,a connection to the basement door under the deck, and a connection to the driveway.



The slope is terraced to the grade of the base of the wooden steps. A set of rustic granite steps connects to the driveway, and an extension of the patio connects to the basement door under the deck. The fire pit is set into the edge of the patio, so that it doesn't take away space for seating.



After the stone work is completed the soil is generously amended with compost.



And the happy plants grow in rapidly.



A different view from what it looked like in the beginning.



View from the driveway down to the patio.


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