Recent Projects  -  Before and After


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Stairs to the main entrance: a design challenge!


The entrance of the newly renovated house is 9 ft. up, and a foundation poured for a flight of 15 stairs, 10 ft. wide and straight up without a landing! The rail guard is the location where the stairs were to reach the deck.

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Remodeling of this house includes a new face!


The existing plantings visually chop this house into two units. Continuity in the design and, well - a little charm, were the design goals.

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How to create a (beautiful) patio with a fire pit on this sloped lawn?


The owners wanted a place to hang out and to enjoy the view into the adjacent woodlands.

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Transformation of a Back Yard

The new owners wanted a garden to live in and enjoy the outdoors.


A Fine Entrance

To get ready for a family event, the owners wanted to improve the entrance area to their home


Redesigned walkways


The walkways to the entrances of this beautiful house were redesigned with new materials.



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