Design work      



A garden is a place where family and friends meet and where nature surrounds us. It has to fulfill functional requirements and at the same time it should be a place of beauty and provide access to Nature. According to recent design trends, many garden owners now also want to provide refuge to native plants, insects, amphibians, birds and many other creatures who are beautiful to see, fill our world with life and need our protection.

As we strive to achieve harmony between these goals we follow principles of sustainability.

We always seek a balance between beauty and function. In the design process, function comes first and dictates the basic layout of a landscaping project. Beauty and function are linked together.

Our typical materials are natural stone and traditional materials such as clay brick. We keep the use of concrete and modern man-made materials, such as concrete pavers, at a minimum.

In our planting designs we aim at an integration of the landscape into the surroundings. This aesthetic goal also helps the technical side of it, because integration into a specific location also means to adapt the plant choices to the conditions of the site, which results in healthy, easy-to-maintain plantings.

Thomas Berger's design ambitions developed from his artistic background as a painter and sculptor, and from his life-long experience in horticulture and agriculture, gathered on four continents. Running his stonemasonry business for 20 years and a retail nursery for close to 10 years allowed him to gather profound knowledge in both fields. This hands-on background is instrumental in finding the best solutions for any challenging landscaping project. Thomas developed his own plants database, which contains well over 2000 plants suitable for New England, and allows to search for almost 100 characteristics that describe each plant and its required site conditions.


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