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The owner of Green Art, Thomas Berger, is a naturalist and plants man who traveled the world observing, photographing and painting nature. He managed his own retail nursery for 7 years and understands the complexities of soil. Thomas has a degree in agriculture from Kassel University in Germany. He gardened in Europe, Africa and the United States and draws on a wealth of experience. In his design work he brings together his knowledge of plants, his artistic sense of beauty and his love for nature.


In 1997, just three years after starting his landscaping business in the United States, Thomas won the Merit Award for Landscape Excellence of the New Hampshire Landscape Association.

Thomas continually expands his knowledge concerning new trends and problem-solving techniques in landscape design and construction. Among his special interests are permeable driveway and patio surfaces, control of water run-off and erosion, use of native plants and creation of habitat gardens. Thomas developed his own searchable database which contains over two thousand plants and more than 100 search-fields per plant, allowing for pin-pointed plant selection adopted to the specific needs of every job.


Thomas is also a regionally known artist whose stone sculptures can be found in private gardens and public locations.




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