Bring your Children to Green Art


Children love our place. They can run around, see the miniature garden, discover frogs in the pond and admire butterflies flying all over the place during the summer. Many children are also interested in plants and go wild discovering ever new flowers, tiny little trees, fragrant things or strange succulents. Many children love Lavender! Another favorite are miniature trees for tiny gardens. We are planning to offer workshops for children to make their own miniature gardens.

There are also some pets to see: tame chickens and two wonderfully friendly goats, Annabelle and Abbigail. But be careful with Maggie, the Vietnamese potbelly pig. Although she is generally good by nature, she can get pretty feisty and bite. Avoid that to happen by not trying to touch her at all!


Please keep your children on the walkways. Going off across the woodland can be a problem because they might step over young plantings that we establish there, and also there tends to be broken glass still lying around, which has already caused one foot injury. We are working on cleaning out all litter from our new woodland, but some is hidden in the leaf litter and it will take years to complete this task.

Click the perennial sunflower on the right to take a look at our plant lists for children gardens, with plants to use and plants to avoid or to be careful with.






Laufender Fuchs

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